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Ruled Us, Ruled Us, Ruled Us

Site-specific multimedia installation at the
Museum of Economic Botany, Adelaide Botanic Gardens
Accidental Renaissance photographs courtesy Sam Roberts and the artist, digitally manipulated images courtesy the artist, display cabinet photos courtesy Sam Roberts
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Ruled Us, Ruled Us, Ruled Us complete sound
the enlightenment - 3D animation


I pay my respects to the Kaurna community for supporting this project, in particular I'd like to thank ngangki burka senior Kaurna woman Aunty Lynette Crocker and Uncle Moogy Sumner for their dedication to culture and Community, for their guidance and for their time.

Thanks also to Community members for their contributions to the museum cabinets.

Ali Baker

Lynette Crocker

Nici Cumpston

Dominic Guerrera

Natalie Harkin

Jai Harkin-Noack

Simone Tur

James Tylor

Raymond Zada

Thank you Patrice for engaging the project and providing me with so much support for an extended period, and Eleanor for your time, patience and advice.

Thanks to Steve Rhall for his 'Artwork Catalogue Essay'.

I'd like to also acknowledge the support from the Museum of Economic Botany and Adelaide Botanic Gardens for facilitating and providing permission for Community to be present on site, in particular Lindl Lawton and John Sandham, along with the garden curators.

An ACE commission with production support from the Museum of Economic Botany.

Curatorial Rationale

Ruled Us, Ruled Us, Ruled Us




- Patrice Sharkey, Artistic Director ACE

Artwork Catalogue Essay

Ruled Us, Ruled Us, Ruled Us




- Steve Rhall


Ruled Us, Ruled Us, Ruled Us




- A

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