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found object I & II

Artist Statement

found object I & II



The paintings produced for found object I symbolise the processes undertaken when examining artefacts; such as excavation, elimination and the placement of objects within a cultural context.

In the archaeological context, it is common for the study of artefacts to be used to draw parallels between different cultures, past and present.  These works are in response to definitions placed on First Nations Australian culture, and the expectations and assumptions that follow. Our culture is not static or stuck in time. Whether you’re experiencing a Central Desert dot painting, an Arnhem Land bark painting, a video installation from Tasmania, or a live performance from Bangarra; these are all artistic representations of a culture that is constantly evolving. 


Our Mob has been a strong platform for contemporary South Australian First Nations art since 2006. The work found object II explores the study and display of artefacts that are dug up and placed within cultural boundaries. I’m interested in how we research these objects and excavate their layers of time. Plastics will be around for tens of thousands of years, preserved under layers of sediment in the ocean. The work represents a culture of the past, found in the distant future.


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